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If you are what you do, what are you when you don’t?

What is your relationship to work? Have you ever thought about this? If not I highly recommend you do. Mine has evolved throughout my working life. Essentially it has been a vehicle to support my weekend and annual leave adventures. It has also been a wonderful vehicle to generate external feedback providing stimulus to help define who I am and to feel good about myself. More and more it has become the arena to practice and refine decision making to take actions to gain clarity on and live congruently with my values. This leads to taking actions and reflecting on

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You know you want to change jobs – but how?

Part 1 of 2. Are you locked down by *golden hand cuffs?  Are you too afraid to try something new?  Do you lack the confidence to believe someone else might value your unique gift and want to hire you? Do you believe that no one enjoys their work so you are just getting on with it?  There are so many reasons to continue in your **longest relationship investing more time and energy in to your work than any other part of your life without satisfaction and or gratitude, dare I say inspiration and joy. A decision, the right guidance and

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You know you want to change job – but how? – Part 2.

GUIDANCE So where did you land?  You are highly motivated to act having made the decision to do so. Are you looking for another job? Same role, different environment? A different role altogether? Maybe you want to start your own business or are considering a portfolio career or even retirement. To really nail the transition you need to know your why and taking a holistic and purpose-driven approach is fundamental. The following guidance is for those looking to find a new role be it the same or different. Step 1. What are all the possible titles used by organisations hiring people to do the work you desire?

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You Got a New Job – Now What?

I just spoke to a friend who after 17 years decided it was time to start 2019 in a new role. 17 years….. that’s right. For him he had come to the realisation that more valued growth was to come from outside his organisation. Or he could continue being a highly regarded employee wondering what was next in an organisation lacking the structure to provide opportunity for more desired growth and fulfillment in his work. Even after just seven years an individual’s identity can become rusted on to their job title. It happens even faster in some professions like Airline pilots, Fire Fighters and Lawyers. It is not

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Success. Is a Toddler or an Adult responsible for yours?

What does success mean to you? For many it looks like…… Go to school get an education, work hard, buy a house raise a family save for a comfortable retirement. When I break it down it doesn’t feel like a great evolution beyond what a toddler might consider success. A toddler’s success being defined as having somewhere safe to sleep, food to eat and someone else to look after them. Sure the post code and brand names can vary and you have to pay for it as you grow up however it is still largely about meeting base needs. So what else could success

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Content. To be done or to be felt?

How do you feel content? What I don’t feel ·        Sickness in my stomach ·        Tension in my shoulders or jaw ·        Tightness in my chest What I do feel An ease and lightness. An absence of the above and an openness and willingness to feel what may follow. Being a feeling, an emotion, I believe there is great value in accepting that it is experienced and passes. Not an aspirational permanent state of being. I believe emotions serve us well as feedback when in motion. Sit with it, label it, thank it and let it move on. A commitment to a permanent emotional state has an

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A little internal work makes the external work all the more enjoyable

·        Are you tired of putting your armour on to get through the work week?  ·        Do you have to put your big boy or girl pants on to go to work?  ·        Do you have to put your war paint on to earn a living? Does a day at work leave you cold? Do you return home after a week of work exhausted? Are you living your life for the weekend? What if you no longer needed to put the armour or war paint on and you could leave your big boy or girl pants at home? I’m not suggesting it is a silver

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